Feringa Aquatics is compliant with Amazon’s policies for drop shipping and provide tracking numbers the same day the products were ordered. You will also receive an email as confirmation that your order shipped.

Feringa Aquatics believes in supporting all customers by offering competitive pricing. Our prices are very competitive when you consider our customer service, how fast we ship your order, the fact that we have no drop shipping surcharges, and our processing time for orders.

Feringa Aquatics offers customers four different discount structures based on each customer’s purchase volume. Each tier has different discounts available for each product line. New customers may tier up during the year as their sales grow. Your pricing tier at the end of each year will determine your pricing for the following year. The following will detail the purchase volume:

Tier 1 Up to $4,000 annually
Tier 2 $4,001 to $8,000 annually
Tier 3 $8,001 to $12,000 annually
Tier 4 $12,001 plus

When you purchase merchandise from Feringa Aquatics we will not charge you a higher price if you are an internet only business. Your discount structure is based on annual purchases.

We only sell to schools, businesses, wholesalers, buying groups, Koi Clubs, and distributors.

Click the following link to open an account with Feringa Aquatics.

You will need a completed account application along with copies of your business license and state resale certificate/license.

Account approval typically takes 24-48 hours.